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1 hour ago

Looks like the Travellers are back on Ludwell Valley Park near Topsham Road end. 2 caravans so far; oh and a cockrel to wake everyone up tomorrow morning.

4 days ago
Audible Stories |

Free kids stories on Amazon audible, while the schools are closed... Please share

2 weeks ago

If you are self isolating or ill with this virus, members of Heavitree church will be pleased to help with shopping etc. Get in touch!

2 weeks ago

Very important message From Jenny - who works with royal college of surgeons.,very useful
From a member of the Stanford hospital board.
This is their feedback for now on Corona virus:

The new ... See more

3 weeks ago
Wonford Community & Learning Centre Ltd

Do you have a saturday morning once a month spare that you could help out in the cafe session?

4 weeks ago
SYTL Karate - Say Yes To Life

Hi guys, my names Paul and We are setting up Beginners karate classes for all ages at Wonford Community Centre.
I hope its OK to share our page.
We have an amazing Pre-opening offer for all Wonford ... See more

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