volunteers after their hard work.

Wonford Planters 2017

We started work again early this year, carrying on with the improvement on the Laburnum Road roundabout and once again the Exeter Police Cadets came to help us start the work off.
We’ll carry on with this; it will take some time as we’re still concentrating on getting the brambles, weeds and couch grass cleared out, whilst gradually putting in various plants from our own gardens or those that have been donated. We’re meeting lots of lovely people who walk through as we’re working. All say that they appreciate our work and efforts towards improvement to the area. We do intend to enter into South West in Bloom again this year but just the It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYN) category.

The other main focus is to carry on with the improvements on the two areas outside the One Stop shop and the Dolphin Chip Shop in Burnthouse Lane. Last summer five local guys cleared off the weeds and did a great job. This secured funding from Alcoa Howmet. We have drawn up a plan to make these areas look a lot better but needed to ascertain permission for these from Devon County Highways. This took several months.

We’re now looking at getting the edges repaired and to that extent would like to seek the assistance of a local builder to do us a quote for this work. Once that’s done we can move forward with getting those areas looking a lot better than they do now. We have drawn up some plans and would like to ask the students from Isca College to design and build some sort of structure for us. We have been in touch with the school about this since last year but to date haven’t received any news that anyone is interested in becoming involved.

If any Isca students read this and would like to make your local area outside these two shops looking a lot nicer then please get in touch with us via the Wonford in Bloom facebook page or call Jenny on 07910 847 097.