Wonford Planters – update November 2017

This year we’ve made substantial improvements to the uncared for spaces around Wonford. Our current work includes the brick planters along Burnthouse Lane and the mini roundabout in Laburnum Road. We’ve also worked with the Wonford Surgery GPs to improve and enhance the surgery gardens and will soon begin work on the top corner of Kipling Drive. Large wildflower areas are now in place around the lower end of Burnthouse Lane and we have plans for more in 2018.

wonford planters


Funding from city and county ward grants have meant that we’ve been able to procure the services of the Community Payback teams to assist with some of the heavier work and they’ve also planted many spring bulbs around the area. We also work in conjunction with Wynstream Primary School who supplied compost and wood chip materials. Even the cat helped…

wonford planters

One of our main projects is the two spaces outside the One Stop shop and the Dolphin Fish & Chip shop. We’ve had a few quotes for repairs to the edges and installation of a low fence and are planning to submit a further bid for the funding to get the work done. Once the edges are repaired we can then plant up with suitable shrubs and spring bulbs.

This summer we entered the It’s Your Neighbourhood category of South West in Bloom and achieved a ‘Level 4; Thriving’ award, which is one step up from 2016.

And finally, a bit of history; during the 19th century, the West Quarter had become an impoverished slum area, with crowded and unhygienic accommodation. On 21 February 1928 a compulsory purchase order was made by Exeter City Council for 90 acres of farmland on either side of a lane in Wonford, which took its name, Burnthouse Lane, after a farmhouse that burnt to the ground one Saturday night. The estate was designed by city architect John Bennett and built with the ethos of the ‘Garden Suburb Movement’.

More recent times have seen our public green spaces falling into disrepair and becoming uncared for and unsightly. The aim of Wonford Planters is to make these spaces lovely again for the benefit of our community, thereby bringing the Garden City ethos back to Wonford!

wonford planters