Wonford Health and Wellbeing Hub

Exeter City Council is working with the local community to support health and wellbeing in Wonford.  In 2019  they asked what changes local residents would like to see in Wonford.  Based on the result of this consultation,  it was proposed that a new Health and Wellbeing Hub be built, replacing the existing Community Centre and Sports Centre.

This year,  CAG Consultants and the architects Space and Place have been working with the community to develop a draft design for a new Centre. This is a community-led design process working through a Sounding Board of local residents, reflecting the interests of different groups in Wonford.

To develop a design, we surveyed local people about the priorities for the Hub. This survey was done in August 2020. There were responses from over 350 households, representing over 1000 people.  More details on the survey results can be found here Survey Results

The architects used this information to come up with four options for these plans .  More information about the options can be found here Options

December 2020 update

Consultation on the four options was held in October and November with covid-secure drop-in events and an online survey.  The results of the consultation can be found here.  Presentation.  

While there was strong support for option four from local people who responded, the issue that received the most comment in the survey was a concern about the potential loss of existing sports facilities at Wonford.  This concern was most strongly stated by existing users of the facilities.

So the community Sounding Board met with the City Council and the architects to come up with a fifth option. Option 5. This option provides an enlarged activities hall that is big enough for sports activities such as five-a-side football.  There is no loss in provision for community activities, in fact there is additional dedicated community space including a large studio and extra storage. This is a larger building than option four, so to make it work, the new skate park will be located beside the existing BMX track. A comparison of the space provided in each of the options can be seen in the accommodation schedule.

In this discussion, the Sounding Board and the Council were both keen to make sure that this change would still ensure that priority is given to local community use.  It was agreed that this will rely on how the Hub is managed, and therefore the Council has committed to closely  involving local people in the future management of the Hub.

Based on this approach, option 5 was recommended by the Sounding Board, and was agreed by the Wonford Stewardship Group (the Council’s project management group).  The next step is to develop a financial business plan which will go to a Council committee for approval in April.  There will be more chances for the community to get involved in the development of the Hub in 2021.

Final Report available here.

Consultation documents:

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