Wonford Health and Wellbeing Hub

Last year the City Council asked what changes local residents would like to see in Wonford to support health and wellbeing. They also suggested a new Health and Wellbeing Centre, replacing the existing Community Centre and Sports Centre.

The Council is keen work with the local community to help make the communities ideas a reality. They have asked CAG Consultants to work with the local community and architects Space and Place to develop a draft design for a new Centre. This is a community-led design process working through a Sounding Board of local residents, reflecting the interests of different groups in Wonford.

The next stage is to do some initial plans as part of a feasibility study. To develop these plans we surveyed local people about the priorities for the Hub. This survey was done in August this year. There were responses from over 350 households, representing over 1000 people. The architects have used this information to come up with four options for these plans (click to download):

Once you have looked at the plans online, and watched our short video below, we would like your views on the different options.

Survey results

The results from two surveys undertaken in July and August 2020 are now available to view. They have been made available so that the Sounding Board and other interested stakeholders can gain insight into the responses made.

Consultation documents:

Ways to stay up to date and have your say…

To find out what is going on, and have your say, keep an eye on this page, the What Wonford Wants Facebook page and Instagram. You can also sign up to our friendly consultation email alerts.